Spicy Spicy Hot!

Author & Illustrator: Lenny Wen
Publisher: Little Brown for Young Readers
Editor: Samantha Gentry
Art Director/ Designer: Angelie Yap & Saho Fujii
Publication: April 2023

When Lintang finally gets to taste her nenek’s yummy, mouthwatering sambal, she’s delighted! But when she takes a bite it’s . . . SPICY!

Her lips burn, her mouth feels like it’s on fire, and her taste buds are crying for help. Desperate to fit in with her family, Lintang tries many different types of sambal, but they’re . . . HOT!

With a little help from Nenek, will Lintang find a way to beat the heat and connect with her Indonesian heritage?

Spicy Spicy Hot!