How We Say I Love You

Author: Nicole Chen
Illustrator: Lenny Wen
Publisher: Knopf for Young Readers ( Penguin Random House)
Editor: Rotem Moscovich
Art Director/ Designer: Taline Boghosian
Publication: December 2022

How do you tell your family that you love them? For Hana, love is all around her: Mom stirs love into a steaming pot of xifan. Dad cheers with love at her soccer game. Hana says good night with love by rubbing her grandma’s feet and pouring her grandpa his sleepy tea. And as the light fades, Hana’s parents tuck her into bed and give her a good night kiss.

So many families express their love in all they do for one another, every day. Here is a book that wraps you in a hug and invites your family to share their own special ways of showing love.

How We Say I Love You